The Expression of Love- Top Three Baptism Gifts for Boys

Published: 04th March 2011
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Baptism gifts for boys are a special and should be chosen with careful reflection. Baptism gifts, such as the Bible and clothes, are just some of the gift ideas for a baptism. However, there are many other options can be selected. Today, gifts for baptism have great variety and you can choose from many different options. If the family is a part of the Catholic denomination of the Christian faith, one of the best Catholic baptism gifts for boys is the Bible. Biblical verses personalized on the baptismal keepsakes are also considered to be important attributes for baptism gifts.

In order for your gift to stand apart from the rest, you need to delve into new and creative ideas that you can personally present as an exciting gift. It should also come to mind that donations could be attractive as they are both useful for the baby boy, such as bonds or gift certificates, and useful for the baby's parents. Listed here are the top three ideas and details about gifts for a baby boy's baptism:


Children's clothing covers a very broad range and is available in various colors and textures. Clothes are undoubtedly one of the best baptismal gifts for babies. Along with the necessary clothes, everyday items such as hats, adds a unique variety. There are a wide variety of baby t-shirts and "onesies" available on the market designed especially for baptisms; drawings or models of angel wings and other symbols of spiritual significance are generally found. Along with the clothing, you can include fabric protectors, which are popular gift items as well.

Growth Curves:

This is a practical and useful baptism gifts for children. The appearance of child growth curves charts have changed over time, however, their utility remains the same. Growth curves can be classified as one of the best gifts that a baby boy's godmother and godfather can give; these growth charts are unique canvases of the beautiful evolution of a child.

Diaper Cake:

A "diaper cake" is one of the most adorable baby baptism gifts that are beautiful in presentation, but also include items that babies need. An elegant diaper cake is gift basket, and also one of the great alternative baptism gifts to give instead of giving several separate gifts and packages of diapers. These diaper cakes can serve as personalized baptism gifts, and be decorated with religious adornments, and include small objects such as baby toys, plush toys, CD's, DVD's, etcetera.

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