Traditional First Communion Gifts- Ideas and Commentary

Published: 04th March 2011
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For family members and close friends who are not familiar with First Communions and the appropriate gifts that go along with it, finding First Communion gifts for boys and First Communion gifts for girls can seem like a difficult, never-ending journey. It's important to keep in mind, however, that First communion gifts should highlight the significance of the day and should serve as an everlasting keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation. Here are three of the most traditional First Communion gifts that the child and their family with surely love:

Christian Books:

Christian-themed books are one of the other traditional gift ideas for a child's first communion. This is an ideal choice as there's a myriad of choices to work with. Christian book stores (and sometimes mainstream book stores) often have a selection that is suitable and fun for children in the various sects of the Christian faith. Typically, Bibles and more proper religious books are bought by their immediate family and godparents. As a guest, it would be a great idea to get fun and entertaining Christian books, like the highly popular "Veggi Tales" series- which also showcase healthy eating as well!


Rosary beads are one of the most popular communion gifts for children. Oftentimes, the rosary beads are gifted in a special little felt pouch, or as part of a set that includes a box. While rosaries are common gifts, it is entirely appropriate for the recipient to have and use more than one rosary, for they can easily share with their other family members, or give to their future children.

Religious Jewelry:

Though religious jewelry is another great idea to work with for a child's First Communion, you need to know specifically the kind of jewelry that's ideal for both boys and girls. It would also be a good idea to buy a personalized First Communion box to go along with their jewelry. You should leave expensive jewelry, like gold, to the child's immediate family and godparents.

Crucifixes, miraculous medals, or popular patron saint medals like a Saint Christopher, Saint Michael, or Saint Joseph would be wonderfully ideal First Communion gifts for boys. If the boy has a saint name other than the mentioned popular names, you can easily do some research to find a medal with his name and Saint name on it as well.

First Communion gifts for girls have a much wider selection to work with for jewelry are already a key part to women and girl's identities. You could always give them the same jewelry that you would for a boy's First Communion, but it would be more ideal to buy girly cross-themed jewelry, like charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The ideas are endless if you want to find a wide array of personalized First Communion gifts.

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